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 Student Handbook

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! Sora
Head Chancellor
Head Chancellor
! Sora

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PostSubject: Student Handbook   Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:11 am

• Respect all members*; treat others as you wish to be treated

- This includes bullying, intentional ‘flaming,’ taunting, and/or having a belittling, arrogant attitude towards another member

- Contradicting a staff member for no adequate reason will be considered ‘disrespectful’ and a violation of this rule

(*unless said members are currently breaking and/or scheming to break academy rules)


• Avoid excessive use of foul language when posting messages in the forum or the chatbox

- Mild language (damn, hell, or any variation)is acceptable

- Coarse, foul language is unacceptable in the forums

- The highest ranking staff member online at a given time can determine to what extent foul language can be used in the chatbox, unless the majority of the chatbox expresses discomfort and/or offense

- Sexual language and/or language depicting sexual acts of any kind is forbidden (the above point applies to this point as well)

- Racist, sexist, or homophobic language is forbidden and will result in a warning followed by a ban if the offense is repeated

- Variations of any banned language and/or use of symbols to ‘mask’ the appearance of banned language is forbidden*

(*this aspect is up to personal interpretation on the moderator’s behalf, member interpretations will be disregarded)


• Avoid spamming in the forum or the chatbox

- Messages posted three times consecutively in the chat box within a three minutes gap is considered spam

- Links posted more than three times within an hour without just cause are considered spam

- Links to other Academies posted within the chatbox are considered spam, unless said links were requested by a staff member (a ‘clear’ must soon follow)

- Imbedded pictures and/or videos in the chatbox are forbidden

- Asking a staff member to distribute duel-points is considered spam, unless said duel-points have not been distributed within three days

- While in using the forums, do not post two consecutive messages, unless it is to bump a thread

- All forum posts must be at least 20 characters, otherwise they will be considered spam

- Any forum posts that have nothing to do with the subject of the thread will be considered spam

- Messages composed entirely of capital letters are considered spam


• Disruptive and/or negative attitudes are forbidden
- This includes arrogant, condescending, and pessimistic attitudes

- Openly stating you are the ‘best’ duelist or implying you deserve special treatment for a certain reason is forbidden


• Harassment and/or bullying of any kind is forbidden

- This includes derogatory statements against another member, ‘flaming,’ and openly expressing distaste with another member

- Prejudice comments and/or the implication of prejudice beliefs are forbidden

- ‘Trolling’, in its lesser forms, are acceptable under some circumstances

- Simple teasing is not considered harassment, unless the member being teased expresses great offense


• Asking for promotions, a certain staff position, or a new dorm is forbidden

- Questions regarding promotions, staff positions, etc. should be sent to a Chancellor

- This can also be considered spamming


• Back-seat modding (acting like a Hall Monitor, handing out warnings, etc.) is forbidden

- If there are any issues, please report it to a Hall Monitor or Chancellor


• Links that relate to 18+ content are forbidden

- If links must be sent, please send it over a private message


• All members are limited to having only one account per I.P. address

- Multiple accounts under the same I.P. address will be deleted, unless an adequate reason is given


If you catch members breaking any of the above rules while a moderator is offline, please take a screenshot of the incident and PM it to a Chancellor immediately.


1st Offence:

Warning 1 - A notification of rule broken
Warning 2 - A kick from the chatbox
Warning 3 - A single day ban from the Academy

2nd Offence:

Warning 1 - A notification of rule broken and kick from chatbox
Warning 2 - A week ban from the Academy

3rd Offence:

Warning 1 - A notification of rule broken & kick from chatbox
Warning 2 - A 3 weeks ban from the Academy

4th Offence:

Warning 1 - Permanent ban

All members are subject to these rules. Any staff member that receives a ban for any amount of time will lose his/her position. Furthermore, all warnings are reset within a day's time.
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Student Handbook
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