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 Staff Messages.

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! Sora
Head Chancellor
Head Chancellor
! Sora

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PostSubject: Staff Messages.   Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:18 pm

This is a Message to Chancellors.

Do NOT add another member to the Admin Group unless you talk to me.

Failure to do so result's in:

1. Warning

2. Adminship taken for 5 Days

3. Adminship permanently taken

Most chancellors will be Hand Picked by me.

This is a Message to the Hall Monitors.

Hall Monitors are NOT allowed to Delete posts unless it breaks a rule of the Student Handbook If so tell a Chancellor!

Failure to do so result's in:

1. Warning

2. Mod taken for 5 Days

3. Mod permanently Taken

This is a Message to the Professor's.

Professors should ALWAYS do there job if a New Members signs into chatbox

Failure to do so result's in:

1. Warning

2. Professor taken for 5 Days

3. Professor Permanently Taken

ATTENTION: If you lose your staff position you can NOT apply for another position!

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Staff Messages.
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