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 duelingqueen guide to cloudian

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PostSubject: duelingqueen guide to cloudian   Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:39 pm

At first they can seem weak, but have good potential...especially before the September of 2011 Banlist. But onto that later, first...let's begin with the lay out of these Fairy-Type Cloud monsters.

They have One(1) Vanilla(Normal) Monster. They have Ten(10) Effect monsters. They have One(1) Spell AND Trap cards. They also have zero(0) Extra Deck monsters.

Let's begin with the monsters, shall we?

Cloudian Monsters:

So a common effect with MOST of the "Cloudian" monster is that they cannot be destroyed in battle, and they will be destroyed if they are in face-up Defense Position. Ouch. But a couple of them, such as "Ghost Fog" have devastating effects that could change the game in an instant. Think of hitting "Ghost Fog" with a "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon"...that's ten(10) Fog Counters from "Ghost Fog's" effect.

Let's move onto the Spell card.

Cloudian Squall:

And now, for the Trap card.

Raging Cloudian:

So in pretty much every card, you hear something about these things called "Fog Counters", which are an essential part in the deck. Click the spoiler below to learn about Fog Counters.

Fog Counters:

When you read the spoiler above, you saw a card that was related to "Cloudians". Click below to learn of the Related cards of the "Cloudian" archetype.

Related Cards:

As with all deck, "Cloudian" cards do have their weaknesses, click the Spoiler below to learn of them, and how to avoid them.

Cloudian's weakness:

Now for the deck that "Cloudians" were extremely known for..."Cloudian Quasar."

Cloudian Quasar:

Another deck that was used was a more Fairy-based deck.

Cloudian Fairies:

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duelingqueen guide to cloudian
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