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 how you are being tested

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PostSubject: how you are being tested   Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:44 pm

There will be 3 duels with 3 different decks, and you will be scored out of 100 points for each duel, and your

Deck construction - 20/20 (random unnecessary cards deduct points) (how well it is built, 50 card deck would be deducted points) (was their deck strong as it was built? A over 40 card deck that is really good shouldn’t be judged too harsh at all)(deck structure is important)

Attitude - 10/10, (gloating or being a sore loser deducts points, not accepting rulings as well, well mannered is 10/10)

Rulings - 20/20 - (not remembering or knowing their monsters effects deducts points)(misinterpreting rulings as well)

Strategy/understanding/game control - 40/40 (did they have good plans in the moves that they made? Were they unsure about what to do with their cards? Did they handle their deck in what seemed appropriate? Having good combos is great. Did the cards they choose seem appropriate?)

Win – 10 for each

Top tier 1 decks are not aloud in any of the duels.

these are the rules of testing
dont like it then you wont be placed ok
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PostSubject: Re: how you are being tested   Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:45 pm

i love it honestly XD its almost perfect, and i say that cuz nothing is perfect, if it could be it would be Razz

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how you are being tested
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